ozzyflsgirl (ozzyflsgirl) wrote in dark_blood,

New Here Too

Hey! I'm new here.. I'm Nic.. short for Nicole. I've always had an obsession with Vampires, and recently Hellsing. Before I found Hellsing, when I was about 15, I started to read Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles ( Which is one of the FEW series that I like ) and other books by different authors, like "Silver Kiss" and "The Voice of Blood" (though I didn't much like the way they managed rules in "The Voice of Blood").. Still after all of my readings My favorite author that writes about vampires is Anne Rice by far. As for Hellsing, I've taken a liking to the anime (I haven't read the manga). I love Alucard! He's such a cool vampire.. *smiles* Anyhow, I think that will do for a first post from an outsider. I hope that I prove sufficient enough to befriend. I will speak to you all at a later time (I hope),

A New Girl,
Nicole Anestasia Rabelle ( A name I use in my stories )
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